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To be an effective attorney, you have to understand more than just the law. You have to understand the people you work with and how a legal issue affects their lives.

Michael Scott Petty’s principled approach to legal representation reflects who he is as an attorney and as a long-standing community member of Raleigh, North Carolina. He cares about helping people who face incredible obstacles and “bullies” in the legal system.

For nearly 20 years, he has represented people throughout North Carolina in challenging criminal defense, personal injury and whistleblower/qui tam cases. Mr. Petty leads our law firm with dedication to quality representation and a fundamental belief that everyone deserves to have a voice in the legal system.

Outside of the courtroom and negotiation table, Mr. Petty enjoys running an independent 500 acre cattle and farm operation and spending time with his friends and family. He is also proud to participate in volunteer work for the Federal Drug Court in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

Our Seasoned Experience In Trial

When we work a case at Michael Scott Petty Attorney at Law, we prepare for it thoroughly — as if it were to go to trial. Why do we take this approach? Every case demands it. We need to be sure that if aggressive representation is necessary, we will be prepared and willing to take matters to that level in court.

We never needlessly take a heavy hand or draw out cases, because we know that settlements can often yield favorable and customized results. Still, knowing how to handle the complex and dynamic nature of the courtroom is crucial to success in this arena.

Our opponents know that if our clients are not being treated fairly or are falsely accused of a criminal offense, we are well prepared to defend these issues in a court of law through use of expert witnesses and other key players in a case. This may require working with accountants, economists, surgeons, life care planners, engineering experts or any other number of professionals who can educate the court on what constitutes an appropriate legal action.

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Michael Scott Petty got me more than I ever could have when I was hit on my bike. Thanks for the great work!
Gary Mantle
Michael Scott Petty fought hard for my compensation after being struck by a car in an intersection. After months of hospital, I now have the bills paid and a new bike.
Sheila Dowdy