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Areas of Practice

  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Bond and Pre-trial Release Hearings
  • Medical Malpractice

Michael Scott (Mike) Petty has been practicing law in Raleigh for fifteen years. I have been fortunate enough to work on some of the largest and most complex cases in both criminal and civilareas of practice. I won my first civil jury trial as well as my first criminal jury trial. My first civil trial involved a group of young men that had dressed in white sheets and terrorized an African American truck driver causing him to wrecking his truck.The jury returned a verdict in our favor and over $35,000 was awarded in damages

My first criminal trial involved an invalid elderly woman charged with possessing marijuana with intent to sell and deliver it and the jury found her not guilty of that charge.

I subsequently began a series of lawsuits against the Brentwood Towing Company of Raleigh, which was notorious for preying on young people/college students by towing their cars from spaces not clearly marked. Brentwood then charged exorbitant fees to return them. I obtained several judgments against this company which subsequently caused them to file bankruptcy and cease their business.

I obtained an $800,000 settlement for a young man who had been operated on by a maxillofacial surgeon. We contended that he failed to properly install prosthetic mandibular joints.

Another interesting, but sad case, is a $450,000 settlement I negotiated on behalf of a teenager. She permanently injured her eye when she walked into a car antennae after dark which had been bent outward several inches past the perpendicular plane of the side of a company car for a grocery chain executive.

A very recent civil case, which is ongoing, involves a 21 year old student who had his spinal cord broken while being forcibly ejected from a college fraternity party. So far, we have obtained 1.5 million dollars for him, but the litigation is continuing. The injuries left him a quadriplegic.

In a joint civil and criminal action brought against a business owner by the federal government, we were able to negotiate over 2.5 million dollars worth of released property back to the business owner.

In a recent Superior Court Criminal Jury Trial, I defended a bus driver who was accused of trafficking almost 50 kilograms of cocaine which had been hidden in the bus tires. After a two week trial, I was able to convince the jury, and rightfully so, that this man had no knowledge of the cocaine and he was found not guilty.

Another interesting case involved a self insured hospital that I alleged wrongfully discharged a female employee to keep from having to pay for a heart operation for her spouse who was covered by their plan. The spouse had a heart attack and died. I was able to settle with the hospital for approximately one half million dollars for wrongfully discharging the employee.

In a recent post-convction case I successfully had a first degree murder conviction overturned for a man who had recieved a life sentence. I presented ineffective assistance of trial counsel and self-defense evidence claims.

I recently obtained a 30%sentence reduction from the bottom of the Federal Sentencing Guideline Range in a $2 million Medicare fraud case.


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